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Translating – discovering or inventing? Deleuze and Guattari in Bulgaria(n)

By Antoaneta Koleva [Антоанета Колева] | this article is available in pdf

Let me begin in the simplest of ways – I translated into Bulgarian the two volumes of Capitalism and schizophrenia: L’Anti-Œdipe (in 2004) and Mille plateaux (in 2009), and also took care of them as a publisher. On one hand, I am referring here most of all to my experiences of translating Mille plateaux – all-too-fresh, even slightly dangerous-to-return-to, because of their excessive intensity (and therefore – psychopathologic potential). But they are shelteredly placed in the context of my experience of translating (I would prefer to say my ‘exercise of thinking’) of the first part of this book, as well as of editing Qu’est-ce que la philosophie? (in 1995) and Différence et répétition (in 1999), and in fact much more – in the context of the experience of translating, in the last 20 years, mostly the books of Michel Foucault, but also Blanchot, as well as a couple of works of Derrida, etc. And also placed in the context of over 15 years of experimentation in and through Critiquе & Humanism (KX, in the Bulgarian abbreviation), a small independent publishing house which is the only one in Bulgaria specialized not merely in contemporary humanities but in certain trends of them where Deleuze would be an extremely convenient “visage”. This is why the present text is inevitably contaminated with a kind of pathos, and is done from the perspective of a certain pragmatics. And this way it is also political in the sense in which ‘politically’ means “with all the force of one’s desire”. [This article is available in pdf.]

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