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Derrida on Translation and his (Mis)reception in America

By Emmanuelle Ertel | this article is available in pdf

The influence of Jacques Derrida’s work in America is vast and multifold. Since 1966 and his talk, “Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences,” given at a now quite famous symposium at Johns Hopkins University, Derrida’s thought has been affecting an ever growing number of disciplines in the United States, and the reception of his work in this country has been, especially since the mid eighties, the focus of numerous studies. The point of departure for my paper, though, was my observation that the impact of Derrida’s work on the field of translation in the U.S. was not, far from it, as influential as on other disciplines, and this despite the fact that the question of translation is undeniably central to Derrida’s thought. [This article is available in pdf.]

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