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Iconoclasm of Gilles Deleuze? Deleuze, the image, the cinema, and the image of thought

By Suzanne Hême de Lacotte, translated by Patrick-Guy Desjardins | this article is available in pdf, aussi disponible en français

I would like to address the issue of image in Deleuze’s work and, in particular, to try to demonstrate how the image may be regarded as the concept’s « other », its necessary ally but a danger to it also. The importance of image in the philosopher’s work, especially of the image in cinema, has been discussed often; for my part I would like to put forward the hypothesis of an iconoclasm of Gilles Deleuze, which is to say not only the rejection of any form of representation, but also the disappearance, in his work, of the notion of image in favour of a revaluation of the concept. I must add that the study of image in Deleuze’s work can only be done when taking into account a certain type of image that is very particular and essential to apprehend the philosopher’s thought: the image of thought. [This article is available in pdf, aussi disponible en français.]

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